About Rudd

Rudd Canaday is a computer systems and software architect and implementer with a long list of significant achievements.
After obtaining his Ph.D. from MIT, he spent 25 years at Bell Telephone Labs, all but 5 of those years in research. After Bell Labs he founded three companies to market his software, the last in  2008, and then went to work for a Silicon Valley startup. Now retired, he divides his time between writing (as Alex Head on Kindle), experimental electronics, programming, and tutoring.
In his long and varied career Rudd has written in dozens of languages for dozens of systems, and led teams of between 10 and 50 software engineers. In his spare time he has designed and built several computer systems, both the hardware and the software. Along the way he has distilled valuable insights into the processes of software design and the management of software teams. His passion lies in designing innovative solutions to difficult problems and in tutoring individuals in all aspects of computer hardware and software.

Rudd can be reached by email to Rudd.